It’s October: #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #IAmThe31

So, today is the first day of October, and your timeline may have been full of (pink) breast cancer awareness campaigns … also noticed that it’s ADHD awareness month, Black History Month, Downs Syndrome Awareness month – so hopefully we’ll learn about a range of different things this month… Facebook ‘Secret’ Campaigns You know I’m […]

[CANCER] Week 3 of Treatment: Plodding Along

And there we are, another week has passed since I blogged, so I’m now 3/18 treatments of the current plan (before I get scanned, and we see if this drug is doing anything, and if it is, we keep going). Friday/Weekend So, still making sure I get out for that little walk every day (Fri/Sat […]

[CANCER/MEDIA] Talking with @Sarah_Montague on @BBCWorldatOne on @BBCRadio4

This morning I was rung by the production team from World at One, on BBC Radio 4, who had heard my BBC Radio 5 Live piece, and wanted to run something similar. There is a lot of rumbling about the number of people who have missed diagnoses (anticipated 18,000-35,000), and how those with ongoing treatment […]