[ACADEMIC] Engage Researchers’ Academy 2018-19: Session 1 #ERA1819

In March, I heard that I would be attending the Engage Researchers’ Academy for this coming academic year. It’s:

a year long professional development programme for researchers with a passion for public engagement. The programme creates a challenging but supportive environment for delegates to reflect upon what it means to be an engaged researcher, and to explore the quality and value of engagement. It aims to equip participants with understanding, skills and practical experience to enhance the impact of their engagement and to become leaders in engaged research.

On 5/6 June, we had our first sessions, and here’s the main tweets from the course (and note that the majority of delegates were women, which probably says a lot about how far public engagement is valued in universities … so I’m glad some energy is being pumped into it):

The Evening Before:

We had to come with a poster prepared for introductions and discussions first thing in the morning – I hadn’t had time to prepare/print one, so 2 pieces of A4 stuck together with address labels and a random selection of Sharpie colours to describe a public engagement project had been involved in:

and for my own reference, my Basecamp response.

Day 1

Kicking off #ERA1819 day 1 … ‘Why Engage?’ #phasedreturn ha ha ha

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Choose top 9 #publicengagement #era1819

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Anyone guess which colour I mostly am? #era1819 The Sky is …

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Afternoon final sessions …

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Back in bed #weary #cancerlife – but really enjoying #ERA1819

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Day 2

This morning in #Bristol

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Onto day 2 of #ERA1819 – media impact masterclass #publicengagement

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Media & Press Media - Text

[MMU] 7 Questions on Becoming a Media Expert for @business_mmu

Over the last few years, I’ve been fortunate to engage with some good media coverage related to my research, so was asked to respond to a few questions by the MMU press team, to encourage others to take up the opportunity too.

The questions were:

  • How has the training helped you and how have you applied what you have learnt?
  • Why is talking to the media important or useful to you as an academic?
  • How do you prepare for interviews and talking to journalists?
  • What is your favourite thing about talking to the media?
  • What is the most challenging thing about talking to the media?
  • What is the best media experience you have had?
  • What is your top tip for dealing with the media?

You can follow the responses here (also as a Word file):


[EVENT] Professor Julie Scott Jones: Tears, Tantrums and Quantitative Methods’: a holistic approach to growing students with @mmu_hssr


[RESEARCH] Keep Calm and Carry On: Visualising the People’s War in Posters

Session given this afternoon at MMU MODB research meetup:

Keep Calm: Visualising the war in posters from Bex Lewis
Media & Press Media - Audio

[MEDIA] Digital Media is Destructive? with @BBCCornwall

This morning I was asked, at short notice, if I could speak with BBC Radio Cornwall. I had time for a little bit of prep, plus scribbled some extra responses to those I was listening to whilst I was on hold.

Notes for talking to @BBCCornwall earlier re #digitalparenting

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The recording is here – I come in around 6.5 minutes in (and yes my book is Raising Children in a Digital Age, but I reckon a quick search would bring it up anyway):

Full programme here.