[MEDIA] Are Mobile Phones Good/Bad for Us? The O2 Outage with @BBCRadioManc

Whilst waiting for more scan results, I’m sleeping pretty heavily. I awoke at 9.10am – to a text from BBC Radio Manchester asking if I could comment on the O2 data outage, and whether we’re too reliant on our mobile phones? I spoke about this #o2down on @BBCRadioManc this morning – https://t.co/tdduFljIfl – about 27 […]

We Met: Joseph #TFBloggers

All week we have had two drivers – Joseph and Peter. Joseph has very good English, so we’re able to particularly ask him a lot of questions, and it’s really interesting to see where the cultural differences are, as they negotiate us safely around the incredibly bumpy roads! He’s been interested to see what we […]

The Mobile Revolution? A Conversation with Ben #TFBloggers

Ben is the facilitator for the PEP process in Ogongora (and other local villages), so I grabbed the chance for a chat with him yesterday about mobile phone usage, and what it has changed about village life. It has become quite clear this week that phones are being used in the villages, and have improved […]