Mobile Technology and African Education

Definitely a post that I want to read fully, as after my week in Uganda with Tearfund earlier this year, I still have plans for an article about the changes that mobile technology has made to everyday life and living conditions for those in the villages that we see – and here’s some research into […]

Tablets in the Classroom

Having seen the results of the University of Winchester’s tablet survey, and the knowledge that one module has been trailing encouraging¬†students to use their phones/tablets in class, it’s interesting to see this story: Teaching with the aid of notebook PCs is given a cautious thumbs up by lecturers. Jack Grove writes The pros and cons […]

The Research Lab in Your Pocket @timeshighered

When George MacKerron set out to investigate how people’s happiness is affected by their environment, he hit upon the idea of using mobile phones. What if an application could be developed to ask study participants – at regular intervals – how they were feeling, where they were and who they were with? The research project¬†Mappiness¬†does […]