[REPORT] ‘Smartphone by default’ internet users from @Ofcom

Ofcom just published a new report looking a ‘smartphone by default’ users. The report starts: Ofcom commissioned ESRO to investigate the experiences of ‘smartphone by default’ internet users, and fieldwork was carried out in early 2016. The research project focused on those who conduct the vast majority of their online activities through their smartphone – […]

Digital and Mobile in General in Uganda #TFBloggers

So, after I’d chatted to Odiirah about her work path and role, we moved on to talk about the impact of digital in Uganda in general, as we’ve naturally been in some of the poorest areas, where digital is not so much a presence as it appears to be elsewhere, although yesterday’s village had a […]

Harness Student Devices? #BYOD

Listened to this talk live – interesting to see it in the THE: Students have so many devices: sector must be smart and tap them, says expert. Chris Parr writes Harnessing the power of the technology that students already have in their pockets could revolutionise the way universities teach – but more research into how […]