Keep Calm and the Green Bay Packers

Keep Calm and Carry OnHearing how the coach of the Green Bay Packers likes to keep his team going with ‘inspirational slogans’, and this week chose ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’:

And this week, with the team’s injury problems getting so bad that McCarthy seems to be getting unexpectedly bad news every few hours, he believes Keep Calm and Carry On fits his team to a T. He even had the background for the poster, which was part of a series of propaganda posters the British government … well, let’s let McCarthy show off.

“You historians (will) probably appreciate that,” McCarthy said during his post-practice press conference after sharing the theme with reporters. “In 1939 (the poster was) issued by the British government right before World War II in anticipation of the bombing of the major cities. So, that’s what we’re talking about.”

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