WSU puts World War I and II propaganda online

Words from Matthew's Gospel

Always good to see poster collections being digitised: The U.S. government produced thousands of posters during World Wars I and II, urging citizens to buy war bonds, ration food, grow victory gardens, limit travel and avoid loose talk. Now roughly 520 of those posters are available online, through Washington State University’s newPropaganda Poster Digital Collection. Read full […]

Propaganda Poster Museum, Shanghai

Maybe I will get to go there one day: Communique No. 8: In China, communist propaganda has gone underground. In fact, the only place you can see idealized posters of Mao and his cadres of heroic workers building utopian communities is in a basement level museum tucked away in a nondescript apartment building in downtown Shanghai. […]

The Women’s Library

Call for the government to earmark funding for the Women’s Library: Just over a decade ago, in early 2002, I attended the opening of the Women’s Library in Old Castle Street, East London, in a fine new building constructed on the site of some former wash houses. It was a wonderful event. Antonia Byatt, the […]

Academic Lives @MassObsArchive

Academics are being invited to take part in a research project that is investigating the ways in which academics represent, share and change their teaching practices. In a move inspired by the Mass Observation programme established in the 1930s, university teachers are being asked to keep a diary of their teaching on the 15th day […]