Museum Visits: iPhone

Just watching this video as I prepare a lecture on how digitisation affects the museum experience, something that has fascinated me, although I haven’t really done much theory on it! These guys indicate how an iPhone and some QR codes can give an interactive experience for those wandering round the museum. A friend & I […]

Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre

“This collection of posters serves as a valuable historical document providing a remarkable glimpse into a critical period in the history of twentieth-century China. As Winston S. Churchill famously said, “The Empire of the future will be the empire of the mind.” In the days before CNN and Fox News, a still image truly was […]

Unseen Duxford (16th December)

“A new tour gives visitors to Imperial War Museum Duxford the opportunity to step back in time to between the First World War and the commencement of the Second World War in Britain. Laura Jean Morris explores the history of the new attraction at the popular Cambridgeshire museum. WITH everything from a dance hall, gymnasium […]

Outbreak 1939, Imperial War Museum, London

20 August 2009 to 6 August 2010. Free admission. “At 11.15am on 3 September 1939, the British public heard Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announce that Britain and France were at war with Germany. Seventy years after the announcement that signified the start of the Second World War and changed the lives of millions, this special exhibition […]

Second World War posters continue to fascinate many!

The National Archives: The Art of War  In 2005, whilst The National Archives were looking for artist biography material, they came across my website, read about my PhD thesis, and decided they needed my expertise. I was contracted in as an editorial consultant. It was a great opportunity to go behind the scenes at the […]