[EVENT] Collecting Material from #OutOfControl Conference

Yesterday, I went to the #OutOfControl conference organised by Natalie Collins, tied to the release of her book. I shared my material yesterday, but also collected the tweets together in Wakelet (have now told Natalie about this tool, and think she may be doing a more curated version) - they are in reverse order, and aside from taking out tweets not related to the event, not curated:

[LONDON] OUT OF CONTROL #metoo #churchtoo #ustoo?

A one-day conference for Christians about male violence with a focus on domestic abuse and wider themes of #metoo and #churchtoo. This event also celebrates the launch of "Out Of Control", a new book by Gender Justice Specialist, Natalie Collins. Natalie says: "We have so many brilliant contributors!  The plan for the day is to have TED style talks, which distill speakers' ideas into 15 or 20 minutes slots, with a panel for each set of speakers. …