Nature and the Digital

In the latest Psychologies magazine, there an interesting reference: Science backs up the positive effects of nature with environmental psychology studies showing a neural effect on the brain. One seminal study in 2008 by the University of Washington, reported in The Journal of Environmental Psychology, compared responses to real and digital images of nature, with the real think […]

“Inconvenient Truths”

Interesting article: Modern technology is so powerful that it is tempting to think that “nature” no longer exists. Commentators talk of the “death of nature”: the world is so affected by human action that nature in the sense of the untouched natural world has disappeared. Yet, recent events have reminded us of Horace’s oft-quoted dictum: Naturam […]

David Attenborough: Life

Last night, at my friends, I actually watched some TV, and this “Creatures from the Deep” from David Attenborough’s Life series was absolutely fascinating (below, a ray eating a soft-shelled crab) – you can see this particular episode on BBC iPlayer for the next 19 days, or purchase the series from Amazon! “‘Life’ will chronicle the […]