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#DigitalVertigo @ajkeen

Oh dear, this is an intriguing looking book, but it’s not good a good review in the¬†Times Higher Education:

This is less a book than an exercise in branding. It is apparently written to increase the public visibility of the author, who is scrambling on the middle slopes of technology punditry and, it seems, would dearly love to reach the heights.

Those lucky few who scale the peaks command tens of thousands of dollars in lecture fees. The rest are left to make do as best they can with the leftovers. A book that provokes debate can help a pundit to climb higher, even if no one actually reads it (after all, few players in the world of technology admit to having time to read anything longer than business memos).

Digital Vertigo responds to these incentives in unfortunate ways. I have no doubt that Andrew Keen is an intelligent human being, but his book is lazy and intellectually incoherent.

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