Creating ‘Networking Buzz’

Enjoyed this piece, as I’m always looking for ways to connect people up and make the most of that knowledge – let’s stop reinventing the wheel, and put our heads together: The forty delegates were asked to submit information in advance both about their own research interests and about the specialist areas that they wanted […]

The value of conferences?

Really interesting post in Times Higher Education – the right conferences can leave you on a real high, but I’ve also been to the type described here – which sees only selfish & impolite behaviour… Participating in conferences, symposia and other scholarly forums is a recognised element in the job description of any academic. In the […]

Work the room?

Interesting. Networking has always been part of academic life, but there’s clearly been a shift from finding those ‘of similar mind’ to those who can help fund your work… A significant number of academics feel it is not part of their job to help businesses bring their research to market, according to an investigation into […]

Thinking Digital Conference #TDC11

Thinking Digital 2010 I had my eye on this conference for 2010, but didn’t have the time or the money.  I would have been particularly keen to meet @briansolis (author of Engage, which is awaiting me on my bookshelf) and @documentally (well, again, for @documentally), but it was not to be! Thankfully @jas produced a […]

Seat me next to the irritating talker, please

What This is About:Just stumbled across ‘Plinky’, a site which provides random questions, to which you can provide an answer in any way you choose (and it just demonstrates the different ways in which people’s minds think!). I linked it to this blog, and next thing I know, it’s posted what I’ve written… (and the […]