Terry Waite: “Survival in Extreme Situations”

A great talk at the University of Winchester last night by Terry Waite. Terry was in Winchester for a dual purpose for the day, opening a new housing project with Emmaus during the day, and giving an interesting lecture in the evening to a packed-out audience. HighlightsI wasn’t taking notes, so this is simply a […]

Academic Social Networking

Although I’ve been playing around with a number of social networking sites, trying to identify their potential, I’ve not look for any specific academic networking sites, and wondered if there were any. What is academic networking?Academic networking has a long tradition, both within and across institutions. “Academic Networking is the development and maintenance of a […]

I can’t believe it’s not Facebook

I love meeting new people, and I love making connections, therefore networking must be the thing for me, right? If I’m unconsciously networking, that’s works, but at some point we need to shift to consciously networking, and I’m looking to ways to do this.  FacebookI have used Facebook for online networking since end of 2006, […]