Twitter New Features

This afternoon I’m teaching my Twitter course, and this morning Twitter adds a couple of new features… so let’s highlight them here. The section ‘Mentions’ has been replaced with your user name (probably more intuitive anyway), but also highlights some other new activities, of which I can see at present who has recently followed me (which gives me the opportunity to go back in and see if I want to follow them back):

The second change is the addition of a new ‘activity’ strand, which seems to overlap somewhat with above, but with far more activity. Of particular interest is that it shows who the people you’ve followed have followed (so if you’re in the same interest group, you may well find them interesting also), and also what they have favourited:

I wonder how long before the third party apps (e.g. Hootsuite) incorporate them, as I often don’t go via the web interface at all.