NMC Horizon @JISC Project (Workshop, #altc2011, #HNMChz)

See ALT-C information on workshop: Introduction During the last few months the New Media Consortium (NMC,¬†http://www.nmc.org/), who have for a number of years produced an annual Horizon Report in association with EDUCAUSE, have been conducting a study from the perspective of UK universities and colleges. This has been undertaken with the support of JISC and […]

Opening night, curtain call?

He has adopted double-blind reviewing at the¬†Quarterly (where neither party is known to the other), whereas the open peer-review experiment required both authors’ and reviewers’ names to be revealed. Dr Schalkwyk said the experiment had been prompted primarily by a desire to harness the web’s potential to support greater scholarly discussion. It also reflected a […]

Reboot camp

Journalists: need new media knowledge! Aspiring and seasoned US journalists alike are looking to tech-savvy graduate schools to help them survive and thrive in a new multimedia environment. Jon Marcus reports Jennifer Hellum’s first semester as a graduate student in journalism school taught her, among other things, how to function with almost no sleep. That […]

Writing for Multimedia and the Web

Full Title: Writing for Multimedia and the Web: A Practical Guide to Content Development for Interactive Media Author: Timothy Garrand Publisher: Focal Press Date: 2006 (3rd edition) “Learning how to write for just one type of interactive media, such as web sites or games, is not enough – to be truly successful as an interactive […]