New Year’s Day 2010

After a surprisingly delightful New Year’s Eve on my own (I’m an Extrovert, don’t you know, get my energy from being round people!), I chilled out with a DVD, and was still awake when a very luminescent “blue moon” (apparently meaning 2 full moons in a month), made me look outside – this shot doesn’t in any way do it justice (what do you expect), but it was pretty magical!

A Blue Moon

After a morning of cleaning out the fridge, whipping up a smoothie and a doze, decided to hit the outside – and MY was it cold! Walked into town, seeing the old buses trundling past (all full!), before taking some time to locate the 93 out to Twyford Waterworks. Beautiful crisp day, but took about 2 hours to rewarm once I got in!

Beautiful weather as I head into Winchester…

One of many old buses hanging around the bus station

I risked the top deck for a bit of a view on a LOVELY day!

Couple more old buses outside the Guildhall – if you’re into buses you’ll know more – I’ve known this goes on for years, just never witnesses it! Buses were jam-packed… run by the Friends of King Alfred Buses.

Bus took me out to Twyford Waterworks (after a 20 minute delay) – where Matthew Feldwick gave me what was probably the quickest tour of his life, but enough info for me – it was just me so we were able to talk “small amounts of steam, getting bigger”, rather than “tech speak” – hurrah!

Theoretically functional (and beautifully decorated), and will be again, once National Lottery funding has been awarded (bidding in process)… on the boiler room (3/4 remaining boilers in the country in this building)

How beautiful was the light on a crisp, frosty afternoon! This was the view from up by the lime kilns/trains! Check out their open days, and support this historic building (gives me lots to think about for Creating and Consuming History module!)