Today is all about #NoDietDay and #JeSuisEd


I’ve just finished up my frozen (keeps for up to 2 months) portion of the BBC’s Sausage and Butterbean Casserole. Very cost-effective and easy to make – I’m not a fan of parsley, so substituted some cheese (whatever needed using up does, and I tend towards strong flavour cheeses anyway)…. #delicious. Spot which of Beyond Chocolate’s 10 Good Reasons to Stop Dieting I’m enjoying today on #nodietday, an international day designed to celebrate body shape diversity and healthy lifestyles, and to raise awareness around dangerous and irresponsible diets…

1. You’ll stop putting weight on

2. You will save LOADS of money

3. You will stop stressing about food and what you eat

4. You will stop binge eating, emotional eating, comfort eating, pigging out, treating yourself, overdoing it, eating all the time…

5. You will meet some awesome women and be able to talk about what it’s REALLY like with people who know what’s it’s like because they’ve been there

6. You could become an expert at…whatever tickles your fancy

7. You will feel about a hundred million times better about your body

8. You get to eat proper food, that tastes good! 

9. You’ll stop beating yourself up and be so much kinder to yourself

10. Taste the freedom!

Meantime, back to social media and politics, just to note, how elegant do any of us look eating…. catch up on the #JeSuisEd hashtag – proper ground-up campaign – I’m not even a Labour voter, but I like the way people have got together to push back at The Sun!

P.S. The #JeSuisEd campaign reminds me of the kickback against ‘Women Who Eat on Tubes’ – eating used as a way to shame people, and the internet fighting back!