#AdventBookClub: Day 14: Thankfulness for Now


Interesting activity from Ron Glusenkamp today:

Count how many clocks, watches and digital timepieces you have in your home today, and write down that number of reasons to give thanks to God for time.

I love seeing #3goodthings on Twitter – always cheers me up, and remember going on a course on emotional intelligence when he said – name 3 things you’re thankful for, and people were struggling to think of things to articulate. Powerfully, he said – every day we have more things to be thankful for than not – e.g. every breath we take, but we can struggle to focus on that! So I’m thinking – 2 in the kitchen, 1 in the spare room, 1 in the bedroom, 3 digital devices, and a watch…

Brian Draper continues to think about the idea of letting go, and remembering Maggi talking about our need to not think that we are indispensable:

Decide positively not to do something, today; then don’t do it.

Well, I did decide work could wait and that I would read instead – but I fell asleep instead, then down to the TV – there’s definitely a difference in ‘tension’ if you lie there thinking “I still need to do stuff”, and recognising that today it just ain’t gonna happen, and letting the day go = it’s hard, as I’ve been seeking to get on top of things, and ways to get slightly ahead for 2014, and not quite feeling there yet! The focus, however, has got me a long way – so guess I should be thankful for that!

Amazingly reading from Habbakuk (as Rich says!) – continuing the theme from ‘yesterday’ – Maggi gives us a sense of needing to let go (‘a death’) in order to allow space for new life, and a great message that fits with the other thoughts from today:

… not to wait for circumstances to improve before I start to celebrate life. Life is a gift from God, and we do not know how many days we have.

An encouragement not to waste our lives waiting, but to recognise that waiting is a part of life … a reminder that Greenbelt’s theme recently was to live in the NOW, as we wait for the not yet.