Oak Hall

Oak Hall provides value-for-money low-cost holidays enabling people time away for rest and spiritual refreshment/reinvigoration, either at Otford Manor in Kent, or overseas. Many of those on Oak Hall expeditions (aimed at the 20s/30s market) are single. A number of ATOM (A Taste of Mission) trips work with projects that Oak Hall supports in Serbia, […]

Loire Valley Tomorrow

Dear all I hope that you have a great couple of weeks. I will be wearing my “Keep Calm and Carry On T-Shirt”, and “Keep Calm and Carry On Apron” whilst I cook for 82 people on a campsite in the Loire Valley with Oak Hall, and as I then bike-sit, and drive down to […]

A Week Filled with Events

Palatine Conference I made it to the afternoon of this conference. With the event sponsored by Palatine, who focus on dance and drama, I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going with this conference, but was interested to see that Mike Seignior, with whom I teach on the Design for Digital Media course was heading […]

Book Review: Christianity with Attitude by Giles Fraser

Giles Fraser, of the liberal tradition, is a passionate and outspoken figure. With arguments that are”accessible to the suspicious secularist”, he is inspired by the fiery language of the Bible in which writers believed in what they said as if their lives depended upon it. As the back cover says here “he gets to theological […]