University #occupylsx

Is this not every academic’s dream? A keen, engaged audience (likely because you are providing interesting, dynamic and interactive content): It is 3.55pm on a dark winter’s afternoon, but the philosophy seminar on “Radical democracy and Rousseau” shows no sign of flagging. Eager, earnest students are still desperate to make their final points before the […]

Joining #flashevensong / @flashevensong @StPaulsLondon #OccupyLSX

Today, I met with Pete Phillips to discuss where we’re going with @bigbible, etc. and, combined with a number of Tweets I’d seen earlier, decided that I would join the Flash Evensong, organised by @artsyhonker (who’d run a similar event on Sunday). Bex and Pete at #occupylsx (mp3) Check out the rest of our boos […]