Open Courseware: No Fear?

Many universities are discussing the possibility of putting lectures, etc. openly online (most already do this through VLEs), but most are nervous about whether that will impact the number of students likely to come to physical universities, and are unsure how to capitalise on it: Universities should not be afraid to put their course material […]

Digital Delivery of Resources in the Developing World

Whilst universities in the UK consider how to survive in “the current economic climate”, digital technology and Open Educational Resources is making a huge contribution to the developing world: Widening access to higher education is one of the great global challenges of the 21st century. Higher education is the key to creating the educated and […]

Workshop #altc2011 OER & Synergies

Workshop: Enhancing Synergies Alannah Fitzgerald, Uni of Durham, English language/free resources Teresa Connolly, The Open University (open learn) Jane Gay, Kingston University Score – support agency ( How do you transfer materials into OER? Not time, not experiment (then say haven’t got time to go to workshops though enthusiastic at demos), can include ‘grey OERs’ […]

OER Degrees

Universities in Australia, Canada and New Zealand are hoping to achieve “a quantum shift” in open educational resources (OERs) by launching an “OER university”. A group of universities plans to draw together existing free online learning materials from around the world and develop new OERs to create whole degree programmes that can be studied via […]

Humbox (Open Educational Resource)

A couple of days ago I went to a talk at the University of Winchester (where I work) about Humbox. Mick Jardine, one of our Arts lecturers is a partner in Humbox, and had invited the central project team to come and show us what it can do, before it goes live on 26th February […]