We Met: Joseph #TFBloggers

All week we have had two drivers – Joseph and Peter. Joseph has very good English, so we’re able to particularly ask him a lot of questions, and it’s really interesting to see where the cultural differences are, as they negotiate us safely around the incredibly bumpy roads! He’s been interested to see what we […]

The Food So Far: #TFBloggers

So yesterday, on Facebook I put a photo of our meal the evening before “pork and Irish”: We always know that food will get people talking, and heading off to foreign climes always gives the opportunity to be exposed to other cuisine. We established pretty early that any restaurant menus are a work of aspiration […]

We Met: Anna #TFBloggers

In our conversation with Nora on Wednesday, we asked whether PEP had improved the position of women in this community, and there was a definite “yes” in reply. Families don’t fight so much – husbands have realised they need to talk to their wives/not drink all the money away. Couples plan together and share ideas, […]

The Mobile Revolution? A Conversation with Ben #TFBloggers

Ben is the facilitator for the PEP process in Ogongora (and other local villages), so I grabbed the chance for a chat with him yesterday about mobile phone usage, and what it has changed about village life. It has become quite clear this week that phones are being used in the villages, and have improved […]

Church: Ogongoran Style #TFBloggers

So, today, the villagers put on a church service for us … as they said “where 2 or 3 are gathered in his name” – and it was certainly more than that though clearly not as full as a regular service… the nursery school joined us – lots of giggling again! Photos can be found […]