One Million People: Faces of a Digital Generation

An interesting new project came to my attention this morning, a plan to get One Million People to add their photos to a book, currently virtual, but (interestingly for a digital project), to be printed (with an anticipated price point of $100).  The site is in its very early stages, and is the brainchild of Alex Tew, a 26 year old British internet entrepreneur, and it will be interesting who considers themselves part of the digital generation. Thanks to @pmphillips for alerting me to the site, think it’s an interesting experiment (and you know me, love an experiment!)

I decided I would buy a space, for which all that is required is a Facebook account (and $3, £1.97, payable via PayPal), and will be on the first page. I don’t know what random piece of silliness made me think I’d go for a spot in the middle of nowhere… because of course I will soon be surrounded by people!

What do you think? Interesting experiment, or waste of $3?!