Ploink (@charitychange)

Ploink is a new website which enables you to give small amounts to the charities of your choice. I’ve just had a go on it…

Sign up as a supporter…:

Check out the charities already on the site (or let the site know if you’d like to support another one, and they’ll contact the charity concerned):

Choose up to 3 charities, and the “Charity of the Month” is also available:

Upload a photo (or use an avatar), and a mini description:

The information now appears on your page, where I am experimenting with ‘Auto-Ploink’ which should give daily… will see if that has happened…

Note that for regular donations, there’s a minimum donation of 99p:

The site can only take monies via credit/debit cards (PayPal fees were too expensive). On the second payment it remembered my name/address, but you have to re-enter any card details. Once you’ve donated you can encourage others to do the same by Tweeting or Facebooking the info!

Read the FAQs, and find them on Twitter @charitychange.