'Invest £100m' to seize cyber-market

Put resources into international online learning, task force recommends. Rebecca Attwood reports Universities should seize the rapidly growing international market in online learning, but doing so will require investment, a panel of experts has said. The final report from the government’s Online Learning Task Force, which includes experts from Microsoft, Apple and Pearson, calls for […]

Digital 'deviants' and the spirit of '68

In May 1968 the old order was upturned by marginalised contract lecturers. Today, the proliferation of online courses offers slow-track academics a similar opportunity to seize the scholarly high ground, argues Paula Humfrey In the history of the 1960s, mai ’68 is now seen as a pancultural turning point. France’s événements de mai started with […]

Online Tuition "not second-rate"

Dame Lynne Brindley aims to dispel myths and build on UK’s position. Rebecca Attwood writes The idea that online learning is a “poor substitute” for campus provision is a myth, according to the head of the UK’s Online Learning Task Force. In a time of hefty cuts to higher education, sceptics will argue that the […]