Who needs #Wimbledon on?

Good job BBC – can check in on this (though all looking a bit šŸ™ at the moment!) between editing paragraphs!

What happens if I die? Online lives on…

A really interesting article has popped up on Mashable in the last hour – and I’d been talking to my Mum about this this afternoon… what happens to your digital accounts/data when you die? And what should those, such as me (and in fact most people) do to prepare a ‘digital will’ to say what […]

The Physical Campus: On its way out?

There’s lots of debate as to what the 21st century classroom will grow to look like, and Times Higher EducationĀ picks up another story suggesting that the physical campus will become a thing of the past, as students log in when/where they want: The traditional university model is unlikely to survive the next 50 years because […]

Everything to Declare (Oxford University)

A combination of ‘the information age’, technology and transparency leads to this kind of story: The University of Oxford has created an online tool for comparing data about its graduates’ careers and salaries. Tucked away on its main careers website and organised intoĀ a set of user-friendly tables, it allows immediate comparisons of the salary and […]

Digital killing the lecturing stars

I have a sneaking suspicion that we university lecturers are so good at incorporating new media into our work that we may do ourselves out of a job. When I was an undergraduate student, the only technology a lecturer had was a microphone. That was, of course, about 300 years ago – well, it was […]