Open Publishing

There’s been a lot of debate recently about where we should publish, and how. Is it more valuable to go through the long peer-review process, or to publish openly, and allow the conversation to continue:

Open-access online journal will speed release of data and encourage feedback. Paul Jump writes

A radical open-access journal is to be launched that will rely entirely on post-publication peer review.

F1000 Research is the latest initiative by the Faculty of 1000, whose large existing network of senior scientists select and evaluate top published papers in biomedicine.

The new life sciences journal will also publish non-standard research outputs such as incomplete data sets, negative results, preliminary analyses and “thought experiments”, which are typically rejected by standard journals.

Submissions deemed to have passed a basic in-house “sanity check” will be posted immediately, and the journal, which will be funded by article fees, will then invite specific experts to post a review. Other readers will also be able to comment on the paper or the reviews, and authors will be encouraged to amend their papers in the light of that feedback.

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