[CANCER] #Waiting and #Finance fears are such a feature of #BreastCancer

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 31st August, I was both shocked and pleased at how fast things moved. We had to wait an extra week for an extra test on the biopsy to determine that the tumour wasn’t HER-Positive, and then the next thing I know I’m in surgery! Waiting Those early […]

[CANCER] Celebrating Clear Scans + @macmillancancer Digital Nurse #BreastCancer

Tomorrow is 6-weeks post-surgery, time that has gone both fast and slow… Last time I wrote¬†I’d had the pathology returned, and had had scans as to whether the cancer had spread… and had succumbed to a wound infection. Apparently having bone and CT scans are pretty normal, but I hadn’t expected them, so that sounded […]