Panto: The Three Musketeers

Tonight, for a little bit of time out from the everyday attachment to my computer, I went to NWCC‘s annual pantomime, written, directed and front-performed by David Simpkin (currently studying at the University of Winchester for an MPhil/PhD entitled “‘An analysis of the ways in which amateur pantomime in performance relates to the community for which it is performed, with particular emphasis on the ways in which the creative and rehearsal process affect the intended outcome'”, whilst also managing the University bookshop). First night tonight, always (un)officially billed as “the final rehearsal”, so the bargain price of £1! Lots of in-jokes, community jokes, running jokes, sing-songs, things going a bit wrong, and everyone generally having an AWESOME and hilarious time… much laughter in the room (not always at the right time according to Neil!)…

The Three Musketeers (naturally)

So, here we are, introduced to “The Three Musketeers: All for One and One for All”

David the Dame

Need a close-up shot of David!

Full House!

Packed house: interval

2 Pastors and an Upstanding Academic (well, bending over!)

“Bee” tries to “sneak out” with the “nefarious por-poises”…