Be different, be (s)quids in

An article in the Times Higher Ed which could be interesting for our chapter… “Rather than focus on thinking, we have tended to play safe and stick to teaching the facts. But recent technology has devalued the learning of facts as they can now be acquired so easily, at the click of a button on […]

Distance Learning: Must Focus on the Learning, Not the Technology

“To maintain the UK’s position in distance learning, we have to focus on education, not technology, argues Helen Lentell Distance learning in higher education is enjoying a propitious moment, despite – perhaps even because of – the hard times facing the sector. At last week’s Learning and Technology World Forum in London, Prime Minister Gordon […]

Microblogging in HE

“The easiest way to make sense of microblogging is give it a go! It’s not for everyone, but the majority of people who use it as part of their working practice report that they find it beneficial. Different people adopt different practices. Additionally they tend to adapt their practice at different times, locations and as […]