Journals: A more social means of publishing?

Should the peer-review process for academic journals be by-passed for a more online/social means of publishing? Pickrell went on to describe, in general detail, the features this journal-killing app would require. It would bypass the formal peer review process, taking pre-publication papers and allowing a community of users (scholars and experts, most likely) to vote […]

Publishing online is "rebellious"

Academics have been accused of failing to make use of new technology to improve research because they are “selfish” and bogged down in the peer review system. Speaking at a British Library debate, organised by Times Higher Education, academics and students agreed that researchers had not embraced new technology to share their data and findings. […]

Online publication, sidesteps peer review issues?

I’m not a scientist, but it’s interesting to see the debates re: online publishing of materials… The rise of online journals that publish all scientifically sound articles submitted could stem the “dramatic” rise in the amount of time authors are obliged to spend defending their papers from criticism by referees, a parliamentary inquiry has heard. […]