Unpublished Sources Manuscripts and Archives Art Department, Imperial War Museum, London Imperial War Museum Poster Database (Only available locally) Original posters Scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings: Abram Games, Artist ; ATS Glamour Girl History, 1939-1985; Edwin Embleton, Studio Director, Ministry of Information (1939-1947); F.H.K. Henrion, Artist ; Kenneth Bird (Fougasse), Artist Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge CHURCHILL, […]

Doctor Who Required

Universities are increasingly demanding that new academics hold doctorates in a trend that some believe could accelerate when the tuition-fee cap rises to £9,000 a year. The proportion of UK academic staff with doctorates rose from 48 per cent in 2004-05 to 50.1 per cent in 2009-10, according to data prepared for Times Higher Education […]

Related Projects of Interest

There are many others working on, or have already completed, theses that are also of interest to me as a researcher in this topic, and therefore may also be of interest to others. Boon, T., ‘Film and contestation of public health in interwar Britain ‘, PhD, 1999 Chapman, J., ‘Official British Film Propaganda during the […]

Pat Cryer – PhD Skills

Postgraduates do not realise how employable they are. Pat Cryer explains how to get well paid job. “Students often give up when they realise how few jobs there are in their specialism. Believing they have nothing else to offer they end up jobless.” The long haul is over and the prospect of lucrative job offers […]