Re-interpreting Keep Calm…

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Holiday Walking Thoughts

It’s my holiday week, although I still seem to be spending an incredible amount of time online, but this morning refused to get up until I’d finished reading Teri Hatcher’s Burnt Toast and Other Philosophies of Life (yes, I read fast, it’s a both a pleasure and an expensive hobby!)… which I found in the charity shop yesterday.

I was intrigued by the idea that the choices you make about eating burnt toast say so much about how you value yourself (or not) [big ideas that interest me are valuing, engagement, expectations, choice, learning!]. She questions whether you try to scrape off the black, smother it with jam to hide the taste, throw it away or eat it “because you’re willing to settle for less? Maybe you don’t want to be wasteful, but if you go ahead and eat that blackened square of bread, then what you’re really saying – to yourself and to the world – is that the piece of bread is worth more than your own satisfaction.”

Found the book really interesting, if over-emphatic in its desire to demonstrate that Teri is an ordinary woman… well, I guess she is, but there’s certain stories in the press that she’s taken the opportunity to squash! Found a lot to empathise with, and some practical ideas for moving forward! Don’t be prepared to spend another 10 years eating burnt toast…

Women & Cycling
I went for a beautiful walk in my favourite weather – sunny and breezy – and thought through some of what I’d read in the book, then generally emptied my mind! No chance to cycle as my bike is back in Winchester and I’m currently in Suffolk, but going through Monday’s Guardian (finally), and seen a big story which is pushing forward cycling as a new ‘fashion’ for women… even Top Shop are coming out with a range of cycling accessories! Sustrans has recently launched, to encourage women on bikes, and Bird on Bikes had it’s inaugural event earlier this year. The Guardian has definitely got people talking!