#DigitalParenting: BBC Drama ‘Picture of Innocence’

Moving On‘ is a series of BBC dramas about how to ‘move on’ and pass turning points in life. This episode, named ‘Picture of Innocence’:

Overall, the story seemed well handled, the mum keen to support her daughter – and in some ways demonstrated just how much what happens now with technology, has always happened – and as with any other form of parenting, requires time, conversation, and support.

This episode is only the BBC iPlayer until Friday, but it would be well worth parents/teenagers watching it together, and discussing what they might do if caught in the same situation, and what they could do now to ensure that they are not in the same situation.

‘Conversation, conversation, conversation’ is what I entitled one chapter of Raising Children in a Digital Age, and I think really is at the core of all progress made in having a more positive life – online and offline!