[INFOGRAPHIC] The Shift to Visual Social Media

Over the last year or so, the visual has really taken off online (with increasing access via mobile phones, apps that allow filtering and sharing, and increasing data bundles meaning less worry about uploads/downloads). An interesting related infographic:

Children’s Drawings & Pinterest? #TFBloggers

So, I’ve an idea. We want to get those in the village to give us their stories, right? Digital technology has given us lots of possibilities – and maybe I need to find an app for my iPad that allows the kids to draw straight onto it… now there’s a thought, but was also thinking […]

Using @Pinterest in the Classroom

Checking out this article from Mashable/The Daily Dot, really interesting: Sitting through stuffy lectures with a monotonous teacher is a student’s worst nightmare. But Pinterest may be changing that. Yes, Pinterest, the site where people pin their favorite pictures on boards to share with the world. With Pinterest gaining traction by the day, it’s becoming […]