A worrying element to plagiarism… self-plagiarism .. are you using your intellectual copyright, or are you rehashing old material? Professor Roig has investigated plagiarism in depth and written guidelines for the US Office of Research Integrity. Speaking to┬áTimes Higher Education, he said: “When someone reads a work, he or she is under the assumption that […]

Avoid plagiarism? Allow unfettered internet access! (echoes @mwesch)

As I remember Michael Wesch saying in a presentation I saw on YouTube, it’s not about making students “knowledgeable”, it’s about making them “knowledge-able”… able to use resources well… and to tackle the mass of information they have to deal with, contextualise it and use it well! Novel Scandinavian strategy to tackle cheating is ‘no […]

"Our job is to judge" (@timeshighered)

Academics without the freedom to exercise judgement are not true academics. Frank Furedi explains why scholars must resist the rise of proceduralism A couple of years ago, I was listening to a presentation about a new and apparently sophisticated anti-plagiarism tool. Throughout the talk, the speaker boasted of her software’s potential for detecting copied work […]

Plagiarism software can be beaten by simple tech tricks

IT scholar says PDF tweaks allow students’ copied work to evade detection. Hannah Fearn reports Technological loopholes allow savvy students to beat academic plagiarism software, an IT expert has warned. James Heather, senior lecturer in computing at the University of Surrey, has revealed that plagiarism detection systems such as Turnitin that are routinely used by […]