[LIFE] Talking #Pockets

Yesterday I was chatting to my friend Nell, author of the excellent Musings of a Clergy Child, and writer at LICC – an organisation I love for really getting me involved in ‘life and faith’ as things that work together – as an option for research… anyway, we were chatting about pockets,

which as you may know, still finds itself on my Twitter bio:

Life Explorer, author, speaker, SL  MMU, Christian, digital culture,     

I was saying, I keep meaning to blog, pulling together some of the findings over years – and then today, the story made it onto the BBC, and tomorrow the bride will be on BBC Breakfast:

So, let me see what I can find (I suspect I’ll be back adding bits as I re-find old finds) – I’ve shared generally, and also in WIASN, it’s quite a frequent topic of conversation! I’m not a specialist in this area, but I pretty-much refuse to buy clothes without pockets (all tips where to find good clothes from appreciated…)

A little poem:

A response to the poem above.

A few pictures (origins unknown for most, but linked if known):

Not so sure about the punch at the end but…

Photo by Mikaela Shannon on Unsplash