Olympic Studies

As the Olympics kick off… a great example of how technology has enabled continuation of a degree whilst preparing for competing at the highest level of sports:

The law department arranged for Ms Twigg to take all her seminars and tutorials on a Friday while she trained at the Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre during the rest of the week.

She was also able to select coursework options that most closely fitted her commitments and catch up on missed lectures via podcasts.

Apart from a tricky two months in May and June (which included both her selection as the youngest member of the Olympic hockey squad and her final exams), the situation “worked perfectly”, said Ms Twigg, who achieved a 2:1.

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Academic Digital

Pod Academy: Academic Podcast

Excellent idea, I must look further into this:

Pod Academy is an independent, not-for-profit platform for podcasts on academic research.  Set up by a group of academics, techies and journalists, it aims to inform public debate and uncover intriguing and challenging new ideas.

We are always looking for interesting new research, including research that throws light on events in the news, and work with researchers to develop entertaining podcasts that are accessible to the general public, as well as rigorous in their scholarship.

I read about it in Times Higher Education.

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Podcasts: enhancing or replacing normal lectures?

Online lectures are no substitute for face-to-face contact, argues UCU. Melanie Newman reports

Pre-recorded lectures: a means of providing “flexible learning” to students juggling other commitments or a way to phase out face-to-face contact time on the quiet?

Bournemouth University is encouraging staff to record lectures and upload the videos to the university website as part of a pilot project.

Managers say the system helps the university to avoid lectures being cancelled if academics are sick, attending conferences or away doing research, and that they are helpful to disabled, international and mature students with other commitments.

But the University and College Union has raised concerns that the online offerings will replace some face-to-face sessions.