#BIGRead14: Fullness of Life (including @QuietGardens)

As we prepare for ‘Lent proper’ – today’s poem from Stephen Cherry is short, and focused on a life full of positive thoughts and actions – which first made me think of Jesus calling us to ‘live life to the full‘, and then how often I overfill my life, and therefore need reminding of W.H.Auden’s […]

#AdventBookClub: Day 19: Taking Time and Paying Attention

Looking back at some of the responses to Brian’s #advent20, lots of ‘selfies’ from people, and also this poem (Ann Lewin, Reflection): God’s work of art. That’s me? Then beauty must lie In the eye of the Beholder. I feel more like One of those statues Michelangelo left Half emerging From the marble block; Full […]