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[MEDIA] BBC Local Radio Series re: Children, Internet, Faith & Pornography


On Sunday morning I was asked to contribute to a number of BBC local radio programmes with regards to this brief:

This week a survey of 700 children revealed deep concerns about children and pornography.  12% said they’d taken part in explicit sex films or photos – and one in ten 13 year olds were worried they were addicted to porn.  Well what can be done to protect children and what role can faith communities play?

  • Do these findings surprise you? 
  • Are parents and carers vigilant enough in terms of monitoring what their children are viewing?
  • What responsibility do faith communities have to offer moral guidance?
  • Are findings such as these proving that faith communities are failing in this?

Dr Bex Lewis is a Christian.  She is a Research Fellow in Social Media and Online Learning at Durham University, and the author of the book Raising Children in a Digital Age.   

Below are the programmes and the anticipated timings. I plan to audio-record them at the weekend:

I may add some of my research later also, referring to Christian events such as Pornscars.