Research & Innovation Centre, King Alfred’s College (2004)

Initially the remit was to design a site for postgraduate students, using a design that fitted in with the general College largely to provide clear information on teaching staff and courses. The remit became to design and structure a complete site for the R&I Centre, with a clear flow of information, with the same design, and to integrate the postgraduate pages within that. Pages already existed for the R&I Centre, but there was no structure…

University College Winchester Portal (2005)

By the end of February 2005, the new University College Winchester (now University of Winchester) portal was planned for 'go-live' Using a CMS (content management system), I was given responsibility for the section content 'About Us', 'Research' and 'Business'. I collected material from sources already available, and, after meetings with appropriate personnel, a structure devised, and new data was requested and re-edited. I also worked on other sections as requested. I was asked to do…

UK Workforce Hub (NCVO, 2008)

Large site for National Council for Voluntary Organisations, launched January 2009. Ensured good data transfer from original site to Joomla-managed site, downloading/uploading data, link-checking, error-checking, reporting issues to Rechord. Positive feedback on my contribution to this project means I was called back to do the same for another site.

ThirdSectorLeadership.Org.UK (NCVO, 2009)

Further to the successful completion of the ukworkforcehub site, Rechord were asked to undertake a further site for the National Council for Voluntary Organisations. I was called in again, to transfer data from the old site to the new Joomla-CMS based site, checking for 'good data' and link-consistency, whilst providing good records to Rechord of areas which were not working.

MyDesigna (2001-2009)

As I have built up my web design skills, I thought it was worth building up a portfolio of work, attracting attention from those who will be interested in my skills, particularly my content writing and information architecture skills, once the the PhD was completed.I wanted something contemporary and clean looking, whilst providing useful information. The portfolio section of the site is the key section of the site, explaining the rationale for each of the…