Joining the ‘Posters Network’

Having moved to Manchester Metropolitan University, I have had a long overdue chance to catch up with Jim Aulich, who has written a number of books on (propaganda) posters. I had missed the ‘Posters Network’ being created, but am now in process of membership. It self-describes as:

The Posters Network aims to make links between UK poster collections and posters specialists, and to share knowledge, news and expertise.

In 2013 Arts Council England (ACE) awarded the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) a grant to establish a Subject Specialist Network for Posters. This grew out of a V&A project supported by the Museums Association to map significant poster collections in the UK, for the benefit of all those who wish to explore, collect, research and enjoy posters.

Particularly useful is the list of UK collections available, and a list of resources, including a bibliography.

If you’ve not seen it, also feel free to familiarise yourself with my PhD research (2004), and my profile within the site.


Imperial War Museum: Posters of Conflict

Imperial War Museum Posters of Conflict WebsiteImperial War Museum Poster Collection
Whilst researching my PhD I had great hopes of access to the Imperial War Museum’s poster collection, but was restricted to the few hundred in the onsite art collection¬†(which are still an amazing collection) .

In 2002 however, Manchester Metropolitan University, under the leadership of James Aulich, received funding to digitise 10,000 posters from the collection. Digitised copies of the posters are available from the Imperial War Museum Collections online, and VADs (most subject to copyright/image rights, etc.).