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Blended Learning for PhD Students

The presentation that I gave this evening to Postgraduate Research Students. My brief was ‘Blended Learning’, so I thought, I don’t know who this group is, but I’m sure they’ll want a mix of theory and practice – and something that they can potentially put to use as a new tool! So, I covered the new developments in Blended Learning, and some of the debates surrounding the students who are up-and-coming (working on the assumption that many of these students will end up doing some teaching!), before having a go at The Virtual Revolution web animals test. It was so interesting watching the students engaging with the test in different ways, and that I only took 10 minutes to do the test, whereas the group took around 25 minutes in total… clearly a web fox trait. An interesting mix of animals – ‘Web Leopard’ and ‘Web Elk’ I think in the forefront! My initial plan had been to get the group to set up the initial Twitter account, but I sensed that they weren’t too keen on setting up another account, and we were running out of time, so we went through some of the tools available, and I expect that next year I will offer a series of Web 2.0 events at the University!!