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[WORKSHOP] Engaging with the Twittersphere

Blue keyboard twitter bird key, social networks background

Do you understand what Twitter is all about, and what it’s capable of? No? This half day practical workshop will give you insight into how Twitter can help you build relationships, both locally and further afield. Come and learn the tools and etiquette that you need to tweet effectively.

Who is the course for?

  • Anyone who wants to use Twitter – no experience required.
    If you plan to use an abandoned Twitter account, however, please request a new password/log back in. If you will be setting up a new Twitter account, please ensure that you are able to confirm it with an email account that you can access at the course. 

What will you learn?

  • How Twitter is more than constant random chatter: how it developed, what it’s good for, and how it works
  • How to set up a Twitter account, and the mysteries of Twitter etiquette, including managing multiple accounts, or multiple account holders
  • How to ‘follow’ people and gain followers yourself, including the art of ‘piggybacking’, and the use of lists.
  • What a #hashtag is and how to use them effectively, including ‘creating’ a new one.
  • Good practice in tweeting, replying and RT’ing, and engaging with those who’ve ‘mentioned’ you.
  • Some thoughts on what to tweet about, and strategic tweeting.
  • Some Third Party apps

Contact me about coming to your Diocese or organisation. I can also adapt the material to work within a  longer timeframe. See what others have said about my work.