[EVENT] Being a Judge for #PremDac19

It’s always a pleasure to be invited to judge awards, and I’ve been involved in the Premier Digital awards/conference for a long time. A day’s work of judging has arrived in my inbox – and if you click on the image, you can see the categories/other judges:
As judges we are given the shortlist, which has been created by a number of others, then we make the final decisions. You can also vote for the People’s Choice Awards until 11pm 20th October.


It was a nice surprise to see that I’d been nominated and shortlisted for ‘Influencer of the Year’, thank you to whoever did that (and no, you can’t vote for me, and I won’t be judging this category):

Is it the Best?

If you’ve ever seen my presentation for my job interview, you’ll be aware that I’m not a fan of the idea of ‘best’, so I’m looking for ‘fitness for purpose’ and ‘something to celebrate’, working within the criteria that Premier create. I worked with Kevin a few years ago seeking to reframe as e.g. ‘website of the year’ rather than ‘best website’:

The Best Digital Marketing Campaign in the World? from Bex Lewis

Speaking at the Conference

I enjoy speaking at the conference too, although it’s been a challenge over the past couple of years, dealing with treatment fatigue. This year I co-presenting with Joanne Cox-Darling. I am awaiting an operation, which was anticipated to be October, but now looking more like November – so if this falls at the wrong date, I can still contribute via video (and social media), though I would miss seeing everyone, and the wonderful awards dinner! Hopefully the timing will all work, but cancer forces you to be quite ‘flexible’: