[MEDIA] ‘We need to stop demonising online communities’, with @PremierRadio

‘Dr Lewis said the Church can model healthy and diverse communities, as they give us the opportunity to connect with people from all different perspectives and backgrounds, which we can then apply to our online conversations. “I think one of the things that can happen with social media is you end up connecting with only […]

[MEDIA] Talking about @Barnardos report with @PremierRadio and @HeartNorthWest

Barnardo’s released a new report focusing upon screentime, addiction, mental health, online grooming, and cyberbullying … Children as young as TWO using social media – and some are already addicted (Mirror) Children aged five and under at risk of internet addiction – Barnardo’s (Guardian) Children as young as two using social media, charity warns as […]

[MEDIA] Talking Screen-time and #DigitalDetox with @PremierRadio

There’s been a couple of news stories recently that Premier wanted to talk to me about, including: Some teenagers would prefer to break a bone than lose their phone We’re spending over 1 day of our week online I spoke to them on Bank Holiday Monday on Inspirational Breakfast You can hear the whole episode […]