[MEDIA] ‘What can I do to help?’ How to support someone through treatment with @BCCare #BreastCancer

So, I may not be able to teach this year, and having lumps of sick time for chemo recovery, although hoping next day or two I'll be back working at home, just clearing a few untidy decks after the last 11+ days of nausea. I REALLY don't want to do the next chemotherapy, but obviously I will... I have, however, chatted to Breast Cancer Care, and they've put together a blog post based upon some…

[MEDIA] Understanding social media terms & conditions with @UCBNewsTeam

This morning I had a chat with UCB Radio, in response to the story that Anne Longfield, the Children's Commissioner, has been pushing the social media companies to make their terms and conditions a lot clearer, in order to help users (including children) understand better what is happening with their data. A new jargon-busting guide's being given to schools - to help children understand terms and conditions on social media sites, because of concerns kids don't…

#SID2015: Media Coverage

In case you missed it, I had 2.5 minutes on The One Show yesterday, talking about cyberbullying as part of Safer Internet Day (week), and 3 minutes this morning on BBC News, talking about whether parents should panic about their children sharing inappropriate material online. Click for all media appearances.
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