Inside Out, North East

Talking to Linda Barker, I appear for about, ooo, 10 seconds, and then again a bit later in the programme! A lot of the information from my PhD also makes its way into the words coming from Linda Barker’s mouth… and there’s a few ways that things have been interpreted that I might take issue […]

Quoted in the Independent

Extract from John Rentoul Blog: According to a remarkable PhD thesis by Rebecca Lewis: ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ was printed and held in reserve for when the necessity arose, for example, a severe air-raid, although it was never actually displayed. Lewis does not say why it was held back. It may be that the […]

New York Times article in print…

Christianity in the Digital Space Monday-Wednesday this week I’ve been at a symposium in Durham, looking at Christianity in the Digital Space. As this included meeting up with people I’d only ever met on Twitter and Facebook, and as my avatar for those pages had changed to this image (see right) over the past couple […]