“Digital Natives lack online nous” says @Ofcom

A report was released by Ofcom yesterday into Children and Parents attitudes – and this was the accompanying press release (note, I’m not a particular fan of the term ‘digital native‘, especially the way that it’s used): Children increasingly trusting of information they find online One in ten believe everything they find on social media or […]

[PRESS RELEASE] Revamped website shows people can come to faith online

People can come to faith while sitting at their computer screens but not by stumbling upon Bible verses quoted out of context, mission workers were told this week during the re-launch of a unique website that answers people’s questions about the Christian faith. Every month, thousands of people look for answers to questions about Christianity […]

Unlimited access to 33,000 video resources now available to UK educators #PressRelease

Alexander Street Press has forged an agreement with the UK champion of digital technology in education and research, Jisc, to provide access to video resources for colleges and universities in the UK using the publisher’s popular evidence-based acquisition (EBA) model. The EBA agreement gives colleges and universities in the UK the opportunity to have unlimited […]

BBC: Pitching for “The One Show”

Below is an abstract I have submitted to “The One Show” – who knows if it will get picked up or not, they may already have something lined up, but worth an email (or few!) “September 3rd 2009 marks the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War. In 2000 a poster was […]