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[MEDIA] #KeepCalm and Carry On featured in Antiques Diary

You can read more about the publication here.


[MEDIA] ‘Keep calm: The story behind the UK’s most famous poster design’ for @CNNStyle

The other week, I had a very enjoyable chat with Jacopo Prisco from CNN Style, and yesterday, the story posted:

It’s a pretty good representation of the conversation, although “the “Keep Calm” version never left the warehouses.”, as it was distributed around the country, just never officially sanctioned for release on the billboards. Also clarify that A.P. Waterfield definitely provided the text for ‘Your Courage’ poster, but it’s not clear who wrote the words for this particular poster. The Ministry of Information ‘design rules’ were for the series of posters, not just ‘Keep Calm’.

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[MMU] 7 Questions on Becoming a Media Expert for @business_mmu

Over the last few years, I’ve been fortunate to engage with some good media coverage related to my research, so was asked to respond to a few questions by the MMU press team, to encourage others to take up the opportunity too.

The questions were:

  • How has the training helped you and how have you applied what you have learnt?
  • Why is talking to the media important or useful to you as an academic?
  • How do you prepare for interviews and talking to journalists?
  • What is your favourite thing about talking to the media?
  • What is the most challenging thing about talking to the media?
  • What is the best media experience you have had?
  • What is your top tip for dealing with the media?

You can follow the responses here (also as a Word file):

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[RADIO] Talking #PremDac16 with Inspirational Breakfast on @PremierRadio

This morning I was chatting with John Pantry on Inspirational Breakfast on Premier Radio, talking about the Premier Digital Awards, held each year in November, for which I am a judge this year. Entries to the conference close this Sunday, but then we’ve got the conference to look forward to too!

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[MEDIA] BBC Local Radio Series re: Children, Internet, Faith & Pornography


On Sunday morning I was asked to contribute to a number of BBC local radio programmes with regards to this brief:

This week a survey of 700 children revealed deep concerns about children and pornography.  12% said they’d taken part in explicit sex films or photos – and one in ten 13 year olds were worried they were addicted to porn.  Well what can be done to protect children and what role can faith communities play?

  • Do these findings surprise you? 
  • Are parents and carers vigilant enough in terms of monitoring what their children are viewing?
  • What responsibility do faith communities have to offer moral guidance?
  • Are findings such as these proving that faith communities are failing in this?

Dr Bex Lewis is a Christian.  She is a Research Fellow in Social Media and Online Learning at Durham University, and the author of the book Raising Children in a Digital Age.   

Below are the programmes and the anticipated timings. I plan to audio-record them at the weekend:

I may add some of my research later also, referring to Christian events such as Pornscars.